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Lafco Fresh Cut Gardenia Fragranced Room Mist 4.0fl oz


The late morning sun streams in, delicately gilding an arrangement of white flowers. Bright top notes of armoise quickly disappear. The honeyed aroma of gardenia on a bed of fresh cedar melds into the delicate sweetness of orange blossom and ylang ylang.

This fragrance from our House and Home® collection transports you to a room, setting, or destination through the combination of scent, color, and design.

Key Ingredients: Odor Removing Molecules, Essential Oil Based Fragrances, Water, Alcohol, Emulsifiers, Free of Dyes and Propellants
Fragrance Life: Lasts up to 750 sprays; Each spray provides between 1-2 hours of lasting fragrance.
Dimensions: 1.9" D x 6.4" H 
Weight: 4oz

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